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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most common questions we get asked! “How do I get into MentalTheft Day?”

Simple! Use the login box above to enter your username and password

Your Username, will be something you setup, but you can also use the email address that you used to sign up for your free ticket.

The password, like the username, will be set by yourself (we hope it’s not Password123! 🙂  ) but you might’ve forgotten it, so luckily, under the login button, there is a link for “Forgotten Password” – This will help you to reset the password and then get into check out all of the talks!

Your username was setup by you when you signed up for a free ticket for MentalTheft day, so it could be anything!

Luckily, you can also use the email address that you signed up with, to get access to MentalTheft Day

Of course we take password security really serious, which means we don’t have access to them!

However, under the log in button up above, there is a simple “Forgot Password” link, which will allow you to send yourself a new one!

Have no fear! If you can’t make the live day for MentalTheft Day…. after the show we will be launching our “On Demand” area, which will have ALL of the talks available for you to check out for 30 days after MentalTheft Day!